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  1. LazyBum

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    East Tulsa, Okl
    Fished Keystone dam Thursday night. Stayed all night come home Friday morning.

    Caught 1 fair size blue, weighted about 8-10lbs. A little later, I caught a turtle.

    Went back tonight (Friday night) too many people at the dam, so went down to Swift Park. Backed down the boat ramp fished there a while, and nothing.

    A boat came up, and was gonna load, so we went back to the dam, still too may people. Hung around until 2:30am, starting to thin out a little, but nobody was catching anything, so decided to leave. Gonna take a break and no fishing Saturday.

    Sunday evening, looks like Webber Falls is on the list of places to fish. So, I hope the luck runs a little better for me
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    Thans for the report Steve,i'm not sure what direction I want to go this weekend sounds like keystone is slow.