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Discussion in 'Boating' started by shingman6, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I talked to a sea ark dealer today and I asked him if it was much difference between a 15 degree and a 3 degree sea ark boat in the ride on rough water and he said it was not much difference or he would sell the 15 degree because the 15 degree was more in price and not worth the extra money. What do you think,is it worth the extra money.?
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    There is a big difference between the two. The 15 degree hull is a V-hull and, the 3 degree is pretty much a flat bottom. I have the 3 degree in a 24 footer and it dosen't do to bad, but my partner has a 24 footer with the 15 degree hull, and that boat rides awesome. We've jumped across some 6 foot barge swells alot and it is tolerable, where my boat will beat you to death. The only other differences is draft. The 3 degree will set in alot more shallow water vs the 15. JMHO.:wink:

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    Anybody who says there's no difference in rough-water handling between a 15 degree hull and a 3 degree hull has either never ridden in both styles or has a hidden agenda. I'm leaning toward the latter in this case.

    Consider this: You talked to a dealer who's got a bunch of 3 degree hull boats on the lot. He undoubtedly wants to get rid of them. So of course he'll tell you that they "just the same" as the 15 degree hull you're interested in that he doesn't have.

    There's a reason walleye boats have a deep vee (typically around 12 to 15 degrees or more). And that's so they can handle rough water. If a 3 degree hull jon boat would work "just as good", nobody would waste the extra money on a deep vee.

    But don't take my word for it; arrange a test ride in both models of the SeaArk and decide for yourself. Your idea of "rough water" might not be the same as mine, and your idea of a "good ride" might not be the same as mine, but if it's anywhere close, you'll be going home with a 15 degree hull boat.

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    I have a 2072 3-degree hull jon, my cousin has a 2072 15 degree hull jon. Trust me, there's quite a big difference in them in rough water. Now if the water's like glass, you can't tell a difference in the two. For rough water, hands down get the 15 degree boat. My cuz has twice as much money in his boat then I do mine, but he also makes twice the money!LOL!
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    Boat building is a science and there's a HUGE difference in these hulls. I'd RUN not walk from this dealer. If he told you that he'd lie about anything.
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    They are right on! A dealer should know what he's talking about, sounds like a hidden agenda all the way!
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    You know a funny thing about dealers I'm learning more and more all the time. Is that a lot of them don't go out in the boats they sale. That being said if they don't go out in the boat and use it for what it's intention is for. Then how are they going to sell you a boat and be honest about it. I find it a lot easier to sell something when you actually use the product. I'm betting that guy is one of them that don't get out and go use his products. But hey I could be wrong.