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about 2 years ago i always used to get catfish around bulls island, at least 2 on each trip. and i wasn't even using the right tackle, just a 1/2 oz egg sinker with chicken liver on a size 1 baitholder hook, and about 12 inch leader. the current usually ripped the bait off the hook or it wouldnt hold bottom if it was in there too long. lots of snags too but the action was hot. however, i havent caught a single catfish in the delaware since 2008, and my last trip was in mid october. i tried 3 different baits and larger sinkers and 3 different spots, but only thing i caught was a big eel under the cable bridge in bulls island...i even tried night fishing.

i want to try again in spring. any advice on why nothings biting? its like they have lockjaw for 2 years straight.
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