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Yeah I know, why? I saw this cooler and thought what a cool bait tank it would make. It has measurements built into the lid. I just thought that, it would make a good bait tank for Crappie minnows. I Crappie fish quite often, and this would work great in my 12 foot aluminum boat. I will post step by step directions on this one, including wiring, if anyone cares. Here is a few pictures of the 48 quart Igloo marine cooler, that I will be using. The only thing that I don't like about it, is the push/close drain plug. I will be changing that, before it is all done.



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I am in the process of buying all of the parts, to build my new bait tank. I do have pictures of the other one, that I recently built. They are in my picture gallery ( As soon as I collect all of the parts to build the next one, I will post pictures and full instructions. I can give you a basic parts list, of things to buy. I had to have a threaded pipe made, to go through the cooler wall. I bought a 12" piece of gray SCH 80 pipe, that was threaded on both ends. I had my local hardware store put more threads on it. It ended up threaded approximately 3 1/2" on each end. I had to have this done because, the threaded elbow that comes with the Flow-Rite aerator head is not long enough. The new threaded elbow is very easy to build, using their parts and some of your own. To build this bait tank, you will need.
1-Flow-Rite aerator head
1-Atwood or similar, 500 GPH thru-hull pump
1-aerator filter screen to fit/thru-hull pump
1-debris strainer
1-RigRite automatic aerator timer
1-large project enclosure 6" by 2 7/8" from Radio Shack
2 feet of clear hose with braiding
3-gray SCH 80 elbows/1" female threaded end with a 3/4" male barbed end
2-gray SCH 80 nipples/1" by 1 1/2"
4-hose clamps
4-flat rubber washers with 1" hole
2-30amp automotive/rainproof inline fuse holders for blade fuses-standard size
1-package female spade end connectors
1-package heat shrink tubing
1-package 14 gauge wire/red 10 ft. or more
1-package 14 gauge wire/black 10 ft. or more
2-rubber grommets for 3/8" hole
1-package 10amp or 30amp car battery clips/one red-one black
1-pack 10amp blade fuses
1-pack 2amp blade fuses
I might have missed something. There is some cutting and fitting involved in this. I will post all steps later. Please bear with me
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