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    well to spite the wind and rain i did get out today at the local lake. I almost unhooked the boat and went back inside, there was a constant drizzle and rain and wind all day, There was only two boats on the lake and i was one, i got shad real quick and started my drift and within 10 min i got my first hook up a nice channel 5lb 3oz. shortly after all heck broke loose i had three rods go down, i got one landed and the another would go down, this was going on for a hour i could not get them all rebaited quick enough, All the cats were channels in the 5lb + range i was out form 9am to 2pm and was catching a cat every 10 to 15 min. Ok there was a smaller one in the 3lb range but even at that not bad for a rainey sunday, i did not keep any cats, my gear is going to take for ever to dry off and my rain gear was a life saver today i only got wet around my neck. i do have a little queston i got a nice cat almost 8lb and there was a sore on it,round usler looking, i was told never to eat any cats that have sores on it, can anyone enlighten me i know the obvious reason why not to eat the cat ,but what is the cause of the sore and does it heal or does it die.
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    Great trip in the rain and all. I have cleaned fish that had a sore on then before.the meat looked ok. the sore was just on the skin and no deeper. I fish on the river most of the time.