Not a Catfish Thread

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    well its braggung rights right? ok this one aint bout catfish. its hunting. i havent been hunting since i was in my teens (now 32). this past year i decided since i was into fishing again and all i got my first f.o.i.d. card. gun owners card in illinois. i decided while i was out on my first quest since the 2 misses when i was 14 bow hunting deer that since i had seen no deer but 1,000,000 squirrels it was time to change strategy.

    a friend had given me a new eng fire, 20 guage single shot. i took up squirrel hunting. i had shot no more than a hand ful all my life. this year i ended up taking a total of 20 fox suirrels. while at the deer and turkey classic i got a silver squirrel pin for my hat. i was kind of proud. 3 of my buddies decided they were gonna goout and shoot a bunch too. 3 trips and they were 0-0.

    and also got 2 deer my first year hunting with firearm. shot one during firearm and one during muzzeloading both with a cva .45 cal. but unfortunatally seen not a one while afield with a bow. ill get em next year though. can wait for the rush of a first bowkill.:crazy: