Northern Rock River Update

Discussion in 'ILLINOIS RIVERS TALK' started by Firecat41, May 27, 2006.

  1. Firecat41

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    Rockton, IL
    Well I made it out in the boat tonite after a slow start becuase of a dead battery. Current is moving right now and I need a better anchor mine just would hold at my first hole, the sec is 8' with dead falls out the out side of a bend, I was offering one pole with red worms and the other with smashed shinners. The Worms were in the water 5 mins and my pole made a run to Rockford, first cat just over 3 lbs. while I was still at that spot I had a nice run on the shinner but didnt wait long enough. After that the spot died. Pulled anchor and moved down river 100' or so and started work a large tree that had fallen this spring in one of our many large stroms. Again Red worms on one and Smashed shinner on the other this time I didnt even get my hand on the rod from putting it down and once again it was headed to Rockford, this time 2.5 lbs. Those two cats total all of the other cats I have caught this year. I tried a few more spots with liver, red worms and shinners nothing for the rest of the night. I hope i picks up tommorow and Sunday.
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    Rob, sounds like you had a good time. We use to live in Rock Falls and I fished the lower dam a lot. Good luck in your quest.

  3. flatheadboy2002

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    i live in sterling and fish the rock everyday it has been decent this year with one flattie over 50 and one over 40 and another between 20-25 3 channels over 10lbs went pre fishing for a tournament today and hammered them our 12 weighed 62lbs the flatheads i caught at the lower dam and the channels out on my boat if anybody wants to go im always willing to take people just let me know