Northern Oklahoma Bluegill hotspots

Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by schoonie, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. schoonie

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    Any hotspots for 'gills, besides farmponds, in Northern Oklahoma ?? I'm talkin' eatin' size bluegills. What is your catchin' method ? Boat or bank? Bait?
  2. catfishcentral

    catfishcentral New Member

    When ya move to Bville,I catch a ton out at little lake Hudson just outside of town. There's a couple other pubic places around town also but eatin size...there's some but not alot.

    My favorite setup is a ultralight with 2 or 4 pound mono or flouracarbon....very thin weighted pencil bobber and a number 6 or 8 crappie hook.

    Bait of choice is Berkely Power bait earthworms. Just cut a very small piece off one worm. It works great and whats even better is I've caught over 40 gills off the same piece of small bait. It stays on the hook more worms or crickets. A 5 dollar jar can catch me 500 gills and never go bad....keep a jar and a pole in the car at all times. Always in need of flathead bait.

  3. Steven Armstrong

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    stilwell lake is a good small lake for bluegill, red ears. no gas engines on this lake only trolling motors or paddels, this lake is west of stilwell just off highway 100, the area is called "line switch" also brushy lake north of sallisaw is good for bluegill,red ears and crappie. there is a state park on brushy with camping and showers you might even hear a turkey gobble