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Northern KY Baitshops?

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Anyone know of some good places for live bait in the Covington/Newport area??
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Big Vert, I get all of my live bait out of the river creeks or ponds. I only buy bait if I'm real desperate. What type of bait are you looking for? I don't live in that area myself, but I know someone who does.
A place where I could get some cut shad or skipjack, live creek chubs mostly. Sometimes I just don't have much time and would like to buy what I need and make a quick hit after work.
I have only heard about a few bait shops around here that carry that kind of bait and they are always out for some strange reason,LMAO!!! I think they just say they carry it so you will return and buy more terminal tackle from them!!! This is an odd but effective marketing strategy. They are not fooling me one bit, LOL!!!
No, I live over and Hebron and have never been by there. I'll check it out next time I head down to the river. Thanks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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