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    i love in northern Indiana and am askin you Indiana folks if any of you live around South Bend or Plymouth. I am lookin for good ideas around here that have some nice cats. i am just a beginner but want to learn eagerly! So if you guys could help that would be great! Be better if we could meet up once! Thanx alot!
  2. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    sorry too far west for me bud. welcome to the b.o.c.though!!!

  3. IndyCatGuy

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    Greensburg, IN
    The Maumee river around Ft. Wayne has some really nice flatheads in it. Not sure where to launch or fish, but some friends of mine caught some up to 30 lbs there last spring and summer. Also, Mississinewa has a really nice population of flatheads and channels both. Pike lake and Winona lake both have really nice sized channels in them as well. Hope this helps.
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    You are right by the mighty Joe. Haven't fished S Bend dam but I fish Mishawaka dams. I would start at the dam with cut shad. Drift a jig or bobber or hang on the bottom. No shad - try cut bluegill, rockbass, suckers or chubs. Personally I avoid buying bait, it makes it all the more challenging to catch the bait they are feeding on naturally. Adjust weight with the current and bottom conditions. I can bet they will be stacked at the dam during spawning around May-July. You will get more info from other members if you post specific questions (ie. boat, bank, river, lake, channels, flats). There are more methods to catching cats than any other species in my opinion. As for locations get google earth, its free if you don't already have it. Zoom in on the rivers and lakes. Look for boat ramps, parks, bridges and other public access. If you find an area you want to fish but can't find access, post the question here. Chances are someone has figured out how to access it. This is a great site and a wealth of information.... and the Bros are willing to share. Search the archives its all there. WELCOME ABOARD!!!