Northern IL Upadate.

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    Rockton, IL
    Well was out the other night of the Pec where the Sugar River dumps into it near Shirland, IL, I have never fished this spot before the other night. I was using Red worms and nightcrawers and put about 20 fish on the bank. I was on the Rock on Monday and got skunked, 2 hours of rebaiting hooks but no fish on the bank. The only thing about the 20 was the only one over 8 inches long was a 2-3 lbs sucker, that was the only fish I caught that wasnt a channel. I got sick of catching the small channel so I tried a big chunk of cut bait, nothing. I hope to find some bigger fish this week.
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    Thanks for the update there firecat you find em and I will help in couple months.