Northern California Rivers?

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  1. loppdawg69

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    I am from the Bay Area and do not mind traveling a bit for a good spot. Other than the delta, are there any rivers that someone could suggest for good catfishing?
  2. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Brother Nate, I am not to familiar with the Bay area rivers and all, but I know there are brothers that are familiar and will post shortly. Any time in Fresno area, let me know, and will hook up for some bindo action:wink:

  3. kastmaster

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    but in souther cali mostly los angeles area irvine lake for 80+ pounds blues and castaic for some monster 14 pound stripers
  4. AllenM

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    Well, this looks to be a pretty old thread, but thought I'd pipe in and revive it for my own purposes...

    I'm about an hour south of Redding here on the I-5 and there are some good lakes for channel cats, but I don't know jack about the Sac (Sacramento River, that is). From what I understand the cats that do get caught in it are a lot closer to your end than mine. Mostly trout water up at this end. If brothers live up around here and wanna correct me on that please feel free. I've also been told that Shasta lake holds some monster blue cats, but haven't been able to get confirmation on that. I know it has some serious monster channel cats though.
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    Hi Allen..... I have been by Shasta on the way to Bend Ore. many times... That was before mom died in 1998.. actually... remembering, I stopped in Redding in O2 on the way back from the "Rouge River"

    I have stopped several times at "Sacramento River RV Park" several times and have launched my 12 ft boat to get onto the Sac from there... Luckily the water was not moving to fast..... got some shallow "riffles" up about a mile as I recall...

    I have caught a cat or two out of their "lagoon"... but nothing of size at all....

    When you say Shasta lake has some monster channels.... have you fished the lake for cats?

    My buddies have been talking about a houseboat trip to there for years, and have yet to do so.....

    I like to know more on the "Blues" that it might have .... get back to me if you hear more on that....

    Thanks... Bayrunner Ray
  6. AllenM

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    Everything I know about the Sac and Shasta lake are hearsay, brother, but if you get something going for either and got room for one more, count me in, cause I'd LOVE to go find out for myself.

    I've heard the usually wives tale about the diver by the dam that got the heck out of the water fast after seeing a catfish the size of a VW bug, but I've come to think that the name of the lake for that story just keeps getting changed to whichever lake is nearest the teller. Any such claims about Shasta are either exagerations of a blue (if there are in fact any in there) or perhaps a miss-identified sturgeon.

    Everything "official" I've read about Shasta says it has bullhead, white, and channel cats, but doesn't mention blues. Considering the size of the lake and depths, clearly the channel cats have room and no shortage of food to grow to maximum size, so 45-55 pound channel cats should not be a rarity there IMHO.

    I was recently told by a member of the local moose lodge that what I've been told about channel cats in this stretch of the Sac is wrong though, as he said the other day he was up by Woodson Bridge fishing for striped bass and pulled out a couple, one of which was about 35 pounds. I'm looking forward to getting out there myself now and seeing about this hole he was talking about!

    Anyhow, that's about the extent of what I know and what I've been told. My own personal experience with Shasta was from when I trolled for trout from an aluminum boat with my dad back in the late 70s.

    Hit me up if you ever want to get a line wet in this area and need a fishing partner.