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Discussion in 'Bird Hunting' started by thegavel, Nov 30, 2006.

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    West Des Moines, Iowa
    I was back in Iowa over Thanksgiving and got to get out hunting on Sunday. My partner and I covered over 10 miles of ditches in moderate fog and didn't see a single bird. I have heard reports that birds were down 25% from the average, but this is unheard of to not even see a bird.

    Is anyone else having these experiences, or was it just a bad day for this unfortunate hunter?

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    Don't know about Iowa, but I went to North Central Kansas this past weekend, and the drought has hit hard out there. All of the CRP fields had been baled for the cattle, leaving little cover for the birds. We ended up working a couple of miles of railroad tracks over and over. Sunday afternoon we found a quarter section of CRP that we could hunt. Ended up with eight Pheasants and two Quail between six guys. Wasn't terrible, but if the CRP had been left we would have seen a lot more birds. Hope we don't have another drought out there next year, could hurt the bird population pretty badly.