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North Eastern NM

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I live in Northeastern NM. Where I am at I can go to CO, KS,OK, or TX in less than one hour. Thogh these days with the price of gas I just go to the local lake here; Clayton lake. the lake has bass, walleye, trout, mudcat, channel cat and flatheads. Got a little bit of every thing. Just thought I would let you guys know where I am from.
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:) Hi all. I just recently moved here to Elephant Butte,NM. Get my boat next week. Can't wait to hit the lake. I understand the state record Blue cat came from this lake. Hope to have some cat action soon to post. Take care all.
:0a22: Still dry here at Elephant Butte. hope we get some soon. They have already started releasing water for El Paso.:0a23:
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