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    me and my dad are looking for some were to get a few cats over 15 and up were do we need to go if any one has gps spots the will share that wold be great we fish will ugly stick cat rod with 6000 amb garc with 20 red line we have been to tillery dow by the lower dam ones we fished for a bout 2hrs and had to leave been to jordan a lot got a few around 5 pounds i wont to fell a 20 and up pounder on my rod pleas help if you can :still_dreaming:
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    stay on the yadkin chain of lakes. all of them have the fish you are looking for. just need to give it a little time to get the spawn over with. right now fishing is tuff. one day you might get 1-2 good fish 20lbs plus and the next nothing. right now you are looking for a fish that just came off the bed. match the hatch on your bait and keep it fresh. be patience and give the fish time to bite when you mark them. looking for flatheads go to highrock. falls dam( below badin) would be a good place to start too. the lake has been jugged heavy at times but it still holds some nice fish and its small enough that a beginner can cover it and find fish with good electronics. time on the water is the best gps in the world. where i catch fish wont do you much good because you may do thing differnet. plus those already have a sore take 2-3 baits with you too. never know what they will hit from one day to the next. drift fishing might be a good start for you too. cover some ground and learn the lake your fishing and then anchor up and fish for what you have found. main thing have patience and enjoy your trip! winter time fishing will increase your odds greatly too.

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    take to heart what Michael just said and if you got any specific questions, shoot me a PM and I'll help you out. I'll be on Badin from Sat. around noon until Sun. around noon. lookin' for a big 'ol spawned out PIG! .... and maybe a few stripers! There's also a lot of "dear" out there to look at too!
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    if u are wanting to hook up with a good flattie upper high rock lake lower yadkin river is a great place to try. my pop went out weds. after the storm and caught a 20 and 35lber and said he had alot of runs he missed but those where prob good sized channels like i have been catching
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    Patience, is the key word this time of year. When the water temps get high and the boat and pwc traffic also, you may be in for some slow days on the water. Early morning hours work the best for me, but right now even that is slow. Like Michael said, winter time fishing , when most think its too cold, is the time to be there....:wink: Not telling you not to fish now, we all do,it only takes one good one to recharge your batteries for a while....:smile2: One more key thing , use baits that are fresh and are native to the lake you are fishing in. Shad, White perch, bream, etc. cut and live. When the water temp is warm, change them more often. Good luck
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    tim hickory lake has several 5 poundlers and plus bigest i ever caught was 20-25 pounds.