North Carolina elk, bear and deer

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    north carolina
    i took a little vacation up into the mountains with the family last week and had a great time viewing some wildlife a couple days. we started out at cades cove a place i always wanted to see. its a 11 mile ride through a mountain meadow. we saw alot of deer with some really nice bucks in bachlor groups. the biggest bucks i was unable to get photos of but did get them on video. i have a 6 point that is 24" wide standing with two 8 points and a 10 pont that is 20" wide on video. we also saw 10-12 bears which i got a picture of the biggest but its a little blurry. i think the picture taker was then the last day we went after the released elk and had a great evening watching about 20-25 elk. the elk are in catalooche park. they where released in 2001 and 2002 with around 50-52 elk and now we have around 80. i saw alot of folks walk right up to the deer at cades cove for pictures and the bears too. i wouldnt advice you to do this because these animals are wild. heres some pictures of what we saw. had a great time and it doesnt cost a thing to get into these parks. they do have donation boxes though. well worth the trip!

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    Sounds like you hit the timing just right Michael!
    We take that trip a couple of times a year.

    Cades Cove is one of my favorite places to visit for the beautiful scenery and the wildlife.

    You are right in advising folks not to walk up to the deer and bear to get pics. I just wish more people would follow the park rules and common sense and stay well back from the animals.

    We have seen bears up there and its a thrill each time whether its a lone bear or a sow with cubs. Its awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

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    next to fishing i like deer hunting.i dont haft to kill one to enjoy one thanks for shairing your trip.nice pics.
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    That is an awesome place to see some big deer and lots of deer at that
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    Kannapolis, NC
    Darn Michael, I went to AZ for the weeekend and we all took a hike one eveningup the mountain behind my in laws house only to have a pack of javelinas hold us at bay for about 20 min. They were snorting and the big boar would bluff charge us a couple times. Scared the ^&*$ out of me. Also found a scorpion on the driveway the next morning. He met his maker right quick! Also saw plenty of mule deer, a mountain lion, a bobcat and glimpsed a nice elk easing over a ridge. It was fun! Glad to hear you had a good time. I love Cade's Cove and go every time I'm up that way