North Branch Susquehanna River

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    North East Pa.
    Seeing how we have no ice yet I decided to do the open water while it still here. Tue I got 9 eye's the biggest was 17" but most were in the 13 14" bracket. Wed. I hit the same place, this time I got 9 more but most were 16" up to 22" only 3 were the smaller one's. I also got 4 Smallie's each day, my best was 19" on Tue. today most of them were 15" to 17". The Walleye in the pix was 22" and the Smallie was 17" I dident get a pix of the 19" All the fish were C&R
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    jigerjim - Nice fish! Thanks for the post! I was starting to feel like the Lone Ranger on the Pa. section! Thanks for the pics and please keep on posting!:big_smile: