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Personally to me it's a joke.I am a Life Member and if I had of found the BOC first I wouldn't of spent no 263.00 for the life membership.Not worth it in my book.I could of saved all that money and donated 10 a mo to the BOC and been better off and a lot happier. only thing I ever got as books I didn't want,The magiz not that great and the only thing I ever got to try out was small hooks and Bass worms.Hooks would be ok for catching bluegill I suppose.
My opinion is save your money you'll be alot happier.Or just give the BOC,$10 bucks a month,help out a great site and would be cheapier.When I joined them it was 12.50 per month don't know what it is now. Every one has thier own opinion and just is JMHO !!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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