Norman/MIL Thurs-Sat.

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    After hearing from Deepwoods, Wyliecat and Mac we went after suspended cats in Norman Thurs night but got side tracked on our way out when we were marking fish between the Beatties Ford Access Ramp and the dam. Caught 6 behind the Island on the way to the dam drifting between the Channel Markers. They were all between 5 to 7 pounds. Caught the rest in 20-25 ft off point within eye site of the dam. Did a repeat Friday. Saturday night caught eleven on MIL. Like Mac said about Lake Norman Blues not being as full of Mussel shells was the same with MIL. On MIL two weeks ago the Blues looked like they were going to bust from all the mussel shells. But Saturday night maybe 1 out of 5 had a full belly of shells. We were drifting MIL in 15 -20 ft of water on the down river side of large flats Three were in the 7 to 8 pound range. We were running late and thinking about what Mac said about trying something different so we picked up some large shiners at the BP next to Vinnie’s. All the fish at MIL were caught on shiners cut diagonally putting one head and tail section on a hook. The picture is from the MIL cats.