Norfolk Canyon - 10/15

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    Offered up my services as a greeny HO, and got picked up to crew aboard the SeaDuction. Took a day off from work, and made it down to Hampton, and we were off by 4am. We started out trolling in a patch of warm water at the Norfolk Canyon, but didn't have any hookups, although our baits were torn up pretty good. We found a nice weedline and worked it for a bit, and brought a good number of gaffer dolphin on the boat. We then decided to bail, and it was one bailer dolphin after another. The action was fast and furious, but we decided to stop when the Capt reminded us that every fish we caught was another fish we'd have to clean. We could have caught those things all day if we wanted to.

    We then put away the trolling gear and decided to deep drop for tiles and wreckfish. We found a couple of good tilefish holes, and were bringing them up left and right, and most were double hookups. We had a few citation tiles in the mix, as well as a few sea bass. Cranking all that weight up from 400 feet is a killer. The fish box was filling up fast so we went back on the troll. Boated a few more gaffer dolphin, hoping for a Hoo that never showed up.

    Decided to call it a day and head back in on flat seas. I slept the whole way in, and was back in Lynchburg in time to go to bed and go to work the next morning. It was a nice escape from the daily grind. Good capt and good crew, and alot of action made for a memorable day. We'll be eating fish for a while.

    Final Tally:
    42 Mahi
    24 Blueline Tiles
    4 Black Sea Bass
    a number of tinker mackerel we used for bait

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    Nice catch. Throw on some dry ice and I'll give you my address:smile2:

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    Well Done JPritch and Crew!!!!!!