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    Hey guys, need some info for some fishing in the Sacramento area, going to be picking up my new boat ( in Sacramento I hope on 5/28 and want to spend some time on the river up there before I bring her down south and to far from the dealer just in case anything needs to be adjusted or what ever. planing on spending 2 days on the river to get it broke in (about 10 hrs engine time is needed) and just as well do some fishing up there:big_smile:, lookn at the info on the web looks like them fish with scales (strippers) are the hot tip of the day:embarassed: any info on fishn for the cats would also be of help:big_smile: any info fishing the area would be of help, dont know much about the area except there's water up there lol:wink: and gots to be fish:crazy: going to have billyjo from AZ with me, anybody with some days off during the middle of the week is more then welcome to come out with us..

    Then after leaving the Sac. area we will be heading over to Lake Tahoe and will give it a try for a few days and then down 395 south into gods country, and go high up into the mountains to Lake Sabrina and South Lake, any info on fishing Tahoe would also be of help
    Then from there its off to the river gathering :wink::big_smile: and should be there on 6/4

    Sure hope the price of fuel starts going down soon:angry::angry::angry::angry:
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    I wish that I had some time off from work so I could join you guys on the water, but I'm trying to be a "Good Boy" :0a10::0a14: at my job so I could join you guys down in Blythe, but I'm sure as soon as Linz see this post he will give you some info on the sac. area.

    Take it easy,
    Bert:cool2: & Shania:0010:

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    Well, It depends on how you want to fish. They have been doing pretty good drifting minnows and jigging hair raisers in Knights Landing. Trolling is good from Rio Vista to the Old Sac river (Isleton to Clarksburg). I have heard of decent fish being caught on bait at Garcia Bend, Miller Park and Verona. If you end up farther up north on the feather, they are catching good topwater stripers on pencil poppers and super spooks. If you want catfish, look for the sloughs (sutter, Steamboat, Gorgiana for example). The fork in Knights Landing is a good catfish spot as well. Good luck and enjoy the new boat!!