Noodle Sizes/ Large or small

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    Do the small noodles work ok? as far as big fish pulling them away? I mean the 2.5"ers? I've heard that they will pull them down but cant keep them down for long. I've read on here that the 4"ers work really well and I've seen several photographs of noodle rigs with the 2.5"ers. I've bought the 2.5"ers and was wondering how long will the fish keep em down? This is my first post and i'm new here any help will be greatlly appreciated. My rig is 24" pvc, 12" noodle, capped at both ends with eyebolt at one end. Second Question;;; How long does my inside weight need to be? I have some pieces of rebar- 3/8. Thanks in advance and god bless.
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    Depends on the depth of water in my experience. I like jugging in the main channel of the river where its deep. I tried the small ones before i went and made the bigger ones. If you get a big cat on a 12" long 2.5" noodle they can keep that bad boy down for awhile. Especially if you add that extra weight of the rebar. In shallow water you dont really have that problem.. Hope that helps.

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    Good post tlakeharley, Sorry I cant offer you much help on Jugging as I'm just a beginning myself but wanted to take a moment and welcome you to the BOC
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    I use both sizes. I cut the noodle 20" long and I have never had a fish keep one down over a minute. (That seems like a long time when you are waiting for it to come up). I have started using the noodle kits from Wild Wolf Products and they work real good. The largest fish we have caught was a 40 lb blue. We had to chase him for a ways but he couldn't keep the noodle under.
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    Kevin Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois.
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    I wonder....Do noodles have more boyancy than qrt. oil jugs ? If a fish gets to the bank in limbs and tangled he can have that jug hid so you may not find em' ? I have had to get out of the boat and root them out and really don't like to do that but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do .
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    air is air and water is water. The noodle captures the air in pockets in the foam and the jug just has one main pocket (the inside). They are both trying to displace the water. the deeper the cat goes the more the water is going to try to force the jug back up. It has to do difference in density between the two. I think the foam is a little more dense but not enough to make a difference. I have taken down foam when snorkling and it doesn't compress very much but the same can't be said for a water bottle, it will crush up pretty bad and that basically makes it smaller and less bouyant. You can see that sometimes when you use jugs and they are are crinkled up and deformed after a big cat takes them on a little pleasure dive:smile1:
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    Here is the thing, your noodles wil work fine, but like posted before it really depends on were yo are fishing, but if you have the noodles already rig them up ( I would experiment with depths), and yo dont need much weight to keep your bait down, in matter of fact I have used no weight at all if your fishing a lake, a river will require some weight. Make sure you check you state regulations about how many you can throw out.

    Sorry I know I am not giving you any clear answers but this kind of fishing really comes down to experimenting and finding out what works in the waters you are fishing.
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    i use 2.5" and have caught blues up to 42lbs and lost one close to 70 due to a straightened hook at landing they work fine. i've caught three over 30 already this yr
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    I like the bigger noodles. I like the fact that they sit up a little higher in the water.
    Both will work fine. I cut mine about 14-15" in length. That gives me 4 noodles per noodle.
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    MAN OH MAN! You guys are firing me up! I need to get my noodles completely rigged up, and the ice needs to get off of the lakes around here!

    I made.....I think......about 25 noodles last year, was fired up about using them, and then we caught so many eater channies on our flathead lines, that we never had a need to get the noodles out of the crate!