Nodaway Island Access 5-18

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    Smithville, Missouri
    Caught 2 flatheads on the flats north of the ramp. Used creek chubs and bluegill. Nothing was biting on Wicked Sticky. Fished inside bends and outside bends, fast and slack, rip rap and mud. Both flatheads are back in the drink to fatten up and fight again. Caught them both about 2 feet from shore on a flat in about 4 feet of water. They were very small, one was the about 1 lb and the other was about about 3-4 lbs.Tough day, but beautiful day. Took friends 6 year old out for the first time and think that he now has been biten by the river bug!
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    yeap once you get bit its all fishing pole,bait and, late nights after that.:big_smile: