No Tax on Friday @ Fisherman's Warehouse

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    The sale for Black Friday @ Fisherman's Warehouse is no tax on anything. Not a huge deal, but doesn't seem like there ever is for us fisherman. Couldn't get prices on the Shimano's or Okuma baitrunners, but the Daiwa 5000 series is on sale @ $59.00. The owner told me it would hold 350 yards of 50lb braid. Set the drag right and use a steel leader and I can use for just about anything. Sturgeon, flatheads, big blues, stripers, and channels.:wink: I think I am going to get it. It'll serve just about the same purpose as the 6500 series and as long as I get a couple years out of it I will be happy. Would love to go Shimano, but don't know if I can afford it. Has anyone ever used the Daiwa version? I'm not buying based on name or style either. I've caught fish all my life with lil nothing ass kid poles, so I'm sure it can't be that bad. I'm sure it will hold up to a 30-40lb flat, or 40-60lb sturgeon. Any feedback on all versions of the spinning rod/baitrunner features would be nice. Happy Turkey Day to all of my brothers here @ the BOC.:wink:
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    Fishermans Warehouse (Delta Bait and Tackle) in Manteca rocks!!! Just bought some 65 lb braided line from there less then a week ago for my sturgeon pole.....300 yds for about $18 bucks...not too shabby.