No Snag Sinkers That Snag

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    Original post made by James Ronald Phillips(Scificatman) on September 8, 2002

    I make my no snag sinkers to snag and that is what keeps you from loosing the sinker.Depending on where you are going to fish and size of tackle take a barrel or egg sinker of desired weight and two pieces of soft copper wire.Now bend the copper wire in the middle,you still have two pieces of copper wire but four ends, place the ends through the hole in the sinker.Now take a nail the size of the eye you won't and pull uo against the sinker and give a couple of twist then remove the nail.You now should have a sinker with four pieces of soft copper wire sticking out with a eye at one end.Now make a grapple hook out of the four pieces of copper wire,I like one about the size of a half dollar,but you can make them any size you won't depending on the size of sinker you used.When or if you hang up just lift up forcefully to catch the fish or come on in and rebait and shape the copper wire back like it was.You can just make a copper wire grapple to reach the bottom when fishing with a weighted cork when it hangs it will hold you in one place long enough to catch a fish in fast current.Just be sure to use a dropper line of lesser size than the main line so you only lose the grapple if you have to ever break off.A good source of copper wire is the electric dept of hardware store (Lowe's)or winding from elect motors just keep your eye out for it.When useing this rig bottom fishing I use a small cork to keep the bait just up off the bottom.Regards scifi