"No Snag" or "Flat Spoon" Sinkers

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    “No Snag” or “Flat Spoon” Sinkers

    The “No Snag”, also called “Flat Spoon” sinkers usually carry the same description when listed in a catalog. “No Snag Sinkers derive their name from their tendency to rise above the bottom and glide over snags when retrieved”.


    I can remember molding these sinkers from tire weights in the mid 50’s. They have been around a long time, but have never been recognized as the sinker they are. Seldom seen on the self in the tackle shops, I continue to mold my own. They are available from fishing tackle catalogs. It is the only sinker, over 3/8 oz, I have used for 45 years. It’s design does bring it off the bottom quickly upon retrieve. I suffer fewer snags than other fishermen fishing nearby. If I do hit a snag, pulling the line tight and then letting the line go completely slack several times will very often let the sinker flutter down and clear the snag. Where river fishermen are using 3 oz and larger egg sinkers, I can hold with 2 oz. The design of the No Snag sinker forces the line to drag it along the bottom. It will not roll and it lays flat out of the force of the water. Some fishermen tell me that you have to have a hole through the center of the sinker for your line on a slip rig. I pass my line through the large eye with well rounded edges that do not cut my line and let the swivel act as the stop, no bead needed. In swift current they can begin to spin causing difficulty with line and baits depending upon how you rig them. These sinkers are a bit cheaper than the egg and a fair amount cheaper than the bass casting sinkers.

    I find it very odd that this sinker is good enough to be around and still manufactured for that many years and yet so few shops sell them.

    I have had several molds over the years. The one I have currently is by far the best quality and produces the best quality sinker. It is made by “Do-it Lure & Sinker Molds”. The internet address for the “Do-it Lure & Sinker Molds” is Do-it Molds: Jig, sinker & lure molds for pouring your own lead fishing tackle