No runs, No hits, One terror

Discussion in 'Outdoor Adventures' started by wolfman, Oct 16, 2005.

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    This happened to me last night. It started out a normal day of catching some bluegills for bait and then go catfishing later in the evening. I only managed to get about 7-8 gills and 1 bullhead, but that was plenty enough for a few hours to fish with. I then went to one of my favorite spots on the Ohio river where there is a retired barge on shore and I usually fish off the end of it. Last night was no different and I set up there like always. After it got dark, there was a full moon and i didnt need any lights to fish with. A couple of hours went by with no runs or hits and the flatheads were just not cooperating at all. Those that have fished with me at night know when the fishing is slow ,I dont mind dozing off for a small nap, hoping the clickers on my poles would wake me up if I got a run. While napping I was rudely awakened by a blow to the head and as I swung my arms up while falling out of my chair , I heard this loud squawking and the sound of huge wings flapping in a desperate attempt to get away from me. At that time I could make out this large bird which turned out to be a blue heron flying away and still squawking as it echoed through the quiet night. I guess this heron must have been looking for a place to roost when it decided to land on my head. I have to say nothing like this has ever happened to me before last night but even though I didnt catch anything It will be an experience that I will never forget.
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