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    This is something that has upset me very much my Friend Sparky Larson had called me to go walleye fishing and i had told him anytime but then my land lord called me to say that he would go how do you chose we can fit 3 in my boat but Sparky sed he will go later Am i putting my livelihood before the friendship how to make everyone happy! Sparky for those that don't now him is one of two that when he says he will do something he will and there are very few that do that anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE FORGIVE ME SPARK!!!!!!
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    Don you need to be honest with the landlord. If you had already made plans with sparky stay with that plan. It is not fair with him. If your landlord dosent then in my opinion he has the problem not you. It should not have nothing to do with your livelyhood. Just go ahead and make plans with him for a later date. I am sure he will understand. I hope everything works out for you. And by the way good luck fishing.


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    True fiends understand.True friends are not selfish.This goes for you as well as Sparky.This goes for all true friends.All true friends put their friends first in their lives when they can and it is the right thing to do.Each understands when the other can not.You can always talk it over with a friend.If either is taking advantage of the other in the relationship,it ain't much of a friendship.If this minor thing is a problem with your friendship,perhaps you both need to find a real friend.

    I would have no problem with any friend of mine were I in your or Sparky's place in this.Would you if you were Sparky?Think about it.

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    I think the choice is easy......just make sure you and Sparky post some pic's for us ; )

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    If you had already made plans with someone else, then the landlord has to wait.................unless you have some type of financial agreement:wink: