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    Went fishing on the Missouri river Sunday, and if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have had any. I guess it was the cold front, but I didn't even get a cat to nibble. I did manage to catch 1 drum. Whoopie! I also lost a fishing pole. Put it down, went to bait up another, and splash...gone forever:( I don't even think it was a fish. Probably a rock. We graphed alot of large fish on the bottom in several spots in about 25' of water that I assume were catfish, but they wouldn't bite. There were alot of fish suspended also, but I think they were asian carp. Besides the bitter cold, it was fun being on the river anyway. We did find a spot that I think will be a likely place for flats to be hiding next year. There are 4 barges marooned next to the bank side by side, and end to end. Upstream is a wing dike. The water right now is almost 30' deep. Right next to the barges it's about 12' deep. The whole area is like a great big eddy. Water is moveing around in a circle, but not a strong current. This spring it will probably be about 35' deep. Does this sound like good flattie spot? If so what season? Probably fish up in tributaries in spring.