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    last night me and my brother-in-law went out to the MO. We fished from about 11 p.m. until after 4 a.m.(my brother-in-law is switching to nights starting tonight so he wanted to stay up as late as he could) and didn't catch a single thing. We were bank fishing(don't have a boat right now:sad2:) on the back side of a dike with cut shad. Is anybody else having any luck around dikes or is it just the one we are fishing at? unfortunately where we fish it is very overgrown and hard to get to any other dikes. Just thought I'd see if anybody had any ideas.

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    there is a thread on dyke fishing with a lot of info try a search with wing dams and that should help.

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    If it is legal in your area and you are feelin a little froggy one day you could go down to the river with a machete and blaze a new trail to another location
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    warsaw missouri
    unfortunately every place i have tried to fish from the bank on the mo is either over ran with people or over grown. its very difficult to find good access to the river since the flood of 1993. all the levies are closed off to any vehicles and land owners wont let any one through for fear of people dumping all their trash, appliances, cars ect. Kids do too much damage partying and mudding so thanks to a few jerks we all have to suffer.