No Ground?

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by jholl949, Jul 25, 2008.

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    Oldprowler helped me install a fish locator on my boat. A short time later, I noticed the bilge pump and Nav lights weren't working. He only worked with one wire so I'm not sure if I've lost a ground circuit somehow or what. Is there an easy way to determine this without tearing out a bunch of wires that I don't know where they go? As far as I know, there's a buss bar for the ground circuit and wires going to all my switches. Just can't seem to get power distributed........
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    Not that I know of Mike. You can retighten your ground at the buss bar and see if thats where its at or take a long piece and put clips on the end and find a good solid ground and check each no working item from there.

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    I have a "smart test light" you hook it up to the battery positive positive and negative with 2 leads, it glows white to let you know it's powered. touch a ground circuit and it glows green, touch a hot circuit and it glows red. also plugs into a cigar lighter too. you can still test circuits shifting the lead from positive to negative with a regular test light, but when probing unknown circuits this thing has proved itself invaluable. bought it for 15 bucks off a tool truck.
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    You might check your positive wires as well - I have big fat hands which have a habit of knocking wires loose that are close to the wire's I'm working on..

    Also might want to check the size of wire going to your ground bus - I suppose it's possible that you could be "using" more ground than available with enough devices turned on.
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    I have big fat hands which have a habit of knocking wires loose that are close to the wire's I'm working on.

    WOW my momma allways said i had a long lost brother lol makes 2 of us brandon :smile2::smile2: only sad thing is its just not my hands that are fat :sad2: dam chineese buffet allways says closed as soon as i drive into the parking lot for some strange reason.

    yep the wires in a boat are made to give us head aches i think just like my livewell pump:confused2: 1 time it comes on and pumps water the next 5 comes on but have to put boat in reverse to make it pump water in the livewell or use a empty soda bottle and fill it with water and shove the water back into the outlett to get it to prime again . enough to drive me insane !!!!