No catfishing shows!!!!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by unclebear174, Sep 17, 2006.

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    Most people say that there are no catfishing shows because there is not enough money to be made by sponsors. I disagree. Look at bass fishing 15-20 years ago. It was a guy in a 16' fiberglass boat fishing a fiberglass or metal rod with cheap line and a plastic worm. As the sport evolved new techniques meant new specialized equiptment. In fact a bassfisherman could get by his whole life with 2-3 different types of outfits and a handful of baits. But any tournament boat (pro or weekend) has half the shelves of Bass Pro worth of tackle in their boat. Catfishing would walk the same road. Boats, rods, reel, line and tackle would be developed for each specific technique. And just like bass fishing, new techniques would be invented which would mean new equiptment. The evolution would continue. Just my 2 cents
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    Unclebear, you made some valid points but until someone is able to convince the sponsers we will be stuck recieveing the occasional tv show by the bass guru's. If the 8000 plus members all sent in letters requesting more catfish coverage to the bass guys and did it more than once we may get more shows and eventually a show. I think that some of the rod and reel manufactures have gotten the message and started making "catfish" rods and reels and that is a start.

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    That's a good idea laidback111, maybe we should sign a petition to the outdoor channels and rod manufacturer's and see what can be accomplished? Someone here should be much more knowledgeable on this stuff than I that could put something together? I'd sign it!
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    The Infisherman show is just about the only one that has catfishing on it from time to time.
    I like that show.
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    I have seen Hank Parker and Bill Dance along with the "hunt big fish" guy, who's name escapes me, all do catfish shows. North American Angler has also done some. It's just catching them on tv. Catfish as of late have come out of the dark and into the light of late and is headed up. It is going to be awhile but as more and more people come to realize that trophy catfish are available we will begin to see more and more species specific gear (at higher cost) and shows for catfish. This of course is my opinion.
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    i concur with ur thread,, there should definately be somethin some kind of tournement for us catty catchers.... we recently had one, ( a little one), up here in lock haven, pa... it was catch a catty anywhere and bring it in and u win somethin,,, i was away when it took place, but next year ill get in it
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    Well Spoken Laidbck,we Need Catfish Shows To Show That Catching These Whiskered Kitties Take Finessing Just Like Bass But Most Times Catting Is Skill
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    Maybe people dont like doing catfish shows?
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    Wouldn't it be something if they would replace that big striper on the billboard on the interstate crossing Lake marion with a record size catfish??
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    Ok I'll take one for the team... Lets find some sponcers and i will host a Catfishin Show.. We can call it "Out Cat'in" w/
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    20 years ago I bass fished with graphite rods, a Shimano Bantam 1000 reel and a Lew's, as well as a couple of spinning rigs. My line was good Trilene or Stren, depending on my fancy the day I bought it. My friend had the boat, an 18 ft bass boat. It had the trolling motor, a 90hp on the back, and a depthfinder, also two live wells. None of it was cheap and we didn't compete.

    The main thing that's really changed with pro bass fishing is the money and sponsorships. Technology has also brought in new gadgets, but the old-timers can still keep up with the new boys among the amatuers.

    With catfishing, the problem is with the equipment and baits we use. There's no need for 20, 000 different lures. Many of us use live bait we catch, or bait we buy at the grocery store. When we buy commercial baits, its seldom in the quantities that make cash registers ring. Hooks, sinkers, beads, and swivels are are stock in trade. Many, if not most of us, praise the Ugly Stick, an inexpensive rod with strong backbone,and decry the graphite that breaks after we whack it against the side of the boat when horsing in a 20 lb blue or flathead. Our boats range from the bank to many thousands invested, but most of us who use boats pay most likely less than $10,000 for the rig. And, sometimes, in our glory, we stink of entrails and God only knows what else that goes into our stink baits.

    We're a cheap sport as fishing sports go. The money to be made off us is small in comparison even to the walleye guys. I can see our sponsors, Dk, Sonny's, Eagle Claw, Gamatsu, Berkely, Shakespeare and Abu. All told, we spend about $300 a year with them on the average.

    But, for me, I don't really want catfishing exploited like bass fishing has been. No matter how much they brag about catch and release, I've always wondered how well a bass kept in the live well for 5 hours, then culled, fairs upon release. And the live weighins can't do anything but put stress on the fish. Do we want this for our beloved catfish? But, finally, while I welcome our brothers and sisters to our sport, I really don't want the kind of growth caffishing on TV and huge tournaments can and will bring.
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    Would you Realy want catfishing to be like Bass:cool2: :cool2: $
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    I stick to my theory that the money is just not there.

    How many cat fishermen do you see motoring around in $35,000 bass boats?

    How many cat fishermen do you see spending $200 on rod and reel combos?

    B.A.S.S. is responsible for creating the market, and they have done a wonderful job. The catfish world is way too splintered and fragmented. There is not a significant national organization that has the leadership to do for catfishing what B.A.S.S. did for bass fishing.

    Sure, I would love to see a show and there are many that would tune in, but how many of those folks will spend the money with the advertisers?

    The catfishing world is mainly made of blue collared working class folks that don't have a lot of money to spend on fishing. I will bet that the average bass fisherman spends 8-10 times as much on the sport as the average cat fisherman and this gets the attention of the manufacturers out there who buy add time.