No brains and brassies again.

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    Centralia, Illinois
    Hello brethren. Couldnt get enough so I went Sta. night from 8 to 12. Slower but caught five fish all 7 plus. Then got back up at 5 for my Easter sunrise service, caught 10 more between 3 and 15, 3 over ten, then about 830 hooked a great one. Fought him for almost twenty min. before he broke me off. My fault for not checking my main line after fishing for four hours with out changing. Usually change my leader every couple fish. Use 14lb cajun. I know it seems light but it matches my setup well. Will probably respool with 17lb test. I do think you lose some sensitivity and action with the bigger lines. Dont know, just an untested opinion. Thanks to eveerybody for tyhe rep points, will try to get pics of the bigger ones uploaded. Not sure how to down size as my dig camera takes them at 3000x2000 or something like that.

    Work hard and fish harder, Dru

    ps all on cut shad. the heads seemed to be the predominate portion. I dont know if because they were so aggresive that they wanted to take it by the head. Fish were also very fat. Healthy and full of eggs. Released every fish all weekend long.

    C.P.R. always, Dru:cool2:
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    sounds like you had a great trip....tough luck on the big one lost though. it happens to the best of us...thanks for sharing your trip

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    Hey Dru, where were you fishing? Sounds like Lake Mattoon. At least that's how it's been when I've been up there. Great lake in my opinion. So is Coffeen for that matter. Sounds like a great weekend. Mine was just the opposite. LOL