NJ Sticking It To Boaters

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by misterwhiskers, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Well,the great political minds of Nj came up with another way to fatten their pockets.Starting June of this year,anyone operating a boat,born after 1979,will be required,BY LAW,to have a boaters safety course.

    Which,in of itself i am fine with and have no quarrels about it.But,the part that gets me is,

    That is only the 1st sterp in the process.From what officer O brien of NJ state police marine bureaue informed me is,eventually,ANYONE operating a boat will be required to have taken and passed a boaters safety course.

    So if you own a boat for the past 15-20-25 years,and use it often with no problems,you are still required by law to take this course,which is like 8-16 hours long and costs over 100 dollars.

    I haven't found out fer sure,but i would bet my last dollar the state is going to get part of if not all of that money.Sportsmen already pay tons of money to this and every other state for equipment to go out and enjoy this sport of fishing,"excise tax" not to mention the cost of liscenses and stamps which are sposed to go back into the fisheries and promote better areas,better habitat,and stocking,Which by the way this state could stand a bit more of the stocking of waters,at least in central Nj it has been pretty poor the last decade or 2.

    Regiustrations for boats and trtailers doubled only a couple years ago.It seems to me this is simply another way fer the government to extract more pennies from the working man.

    I can agree with making kids and new boat owners take a course on how to operate and navigate a boat,Lord knows i seen many new boaters and jet skiers who could stand to learn a few thjings from the course, but i don't think someone who has been doing it fer the past 10 plus years trouble free,is goping to gain anything from it except a lighter wallet!

    So,any NJ boat owners start looking into the courses,because eventually YOU will need to take the course to legally operate your b oat.ANd if any of ya fish with children,THIS JUNE,anyone born after 1979 will need to have taken the course to legally operate a boat or any other vessel on NJ waters.
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    Missouri started this too in Jan. of 05 anyone born after 1-1-84 must have the course.My youngest son was born in 86 so even though he has known how to safely operate a boat since he was 14 he will still have to take the course.At least they made it where it effected those under 21 which still might not be fair but at least they didn't make it where some 25 year old that already owned a boat has to go through it.Around here I figure it had to do with all the younger people and PWCs.They have been having alot of accidents on the lake.I agree that it had been getting way too dangerous out here but even if they take the course that doesn't mean they will drive responsibly.That goes for people of all ages it's not just the kids doing it.
    If it saves lives it will be worth it only time will tell if it works.They should spend more time running down the ones who are being stupid out there regardless of the age.

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    Southern Pines, NC
    It's been a long time coming. I'm surprised it's taken this long. I took a course the year after I got my boat and have never regretted it.
    All hunters in my state have to take a safety course. It's not just boaters getting caught up in the safety thing.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I just made the cut! LOL! Man that was close! LOL!
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    To me, it would make since to make it when you PURCHASE a boat, and pay the applicable taxes on it, one of the taxes would be Boaters Saftey training. Then you would have 6 weeks to take the course.

    Personally, I feel that EVERYONE should have to take a boaters saftey course. Just because someone has owned and operated a boat for 40 years, doesn't mean that they do so safley, or following the laws.
  6. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    George, they are talking about the 1900's, NOT the 1800's

    *(sorry, had to do it after the reward thread)*
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    Ivy Bend on LOZ, Missouri
    From what my gal in Bayonne NJ tells me, you are just the newest in a long list to be stuck it to...LOL "Got A Problem With That?":rolleyes:
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    Well this is just stupid!
    I'm convinced its simply a way fer the state to get more money,with the payment for the classes and the fines they'll be dishing out this summer for those who have not heard about it or have not got it in their posession.

    George ol buddy,ya made it this year as did i,but within the next three years we all gonna have to have this certificate.

    I agree,this is a great thing for those under 21 and purchasers of new boats.I would think they get the same amount of money by going after tghe ones ruining it on the water for the rest of us.
    I ain't never took the course but i have read quite a few booklets on it and it is basically common sense stuiff.Outside the navigational rules for offshore boatiung it is common sense.
    How hard is it to fish a river or large lake????????????
    not too hard to remember and it kinda rhymes even.
    Can people nmot see the giant bright yellow NO WAKE signs posted at boating ramps and marinas?

    Now i know and understand the rules for navigating a boat and at times i break alot of these rules myself,but i know when too and when not too,like not slowing down for no wake zone when the ramp is empty,but if somone is there loading or unloading i always slow down,mainly cause i get pissed when it happens to me.
    When i 1st got a motorized boat i always slowed down when i passed a boat anchored,then i started anchoring up to fish and these yacht sized boats come whizzin by about 20 yards away and almost capsize me!
    To hell with it now,i slow downn mostly if the boats are smaller than mine or same size or if i know the guy.
    Thos guys anchoring right in the middle of a green and red buoy get me too,like i am in the wrong for staying in the channel?????

    I dun understand why ya need a friggin saftey course to operate a boat when most(at least around where i fish mostly) know and do opearte them safely and respectably,yet ya can go out and get a drivers liscense and never taker a safety course unless ya rack up 20 or so points through motor vehicles!!!?

    I think even that would be a fair way of implementin g this course in any state.21 and under,new boaters, and anyone operating a boat that has 2 or more citations has to go through a training course.

    Another thing that gets me is this law has passwed and this June goes into affect and MANY many people do not know about it.Hell i haven't seen any notices about it at the dock or even in the sporting good stores!

    If i didn't keep up with all the new regulations and laws being passsed and trying to be passed I'd be out of the loop.There is no mention of it in the new jersey fishing digest that the state puts out annualy,and nothing about it on any F&W website in NJ.They constantly are changing laws and regualtions and most people don't find out until the game warden or marine police issue them a ticket.
  9. Lngbo

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    They should have it where experienced people can challenge the test without having to go through the course. Maybe you all can get a petition to see if this can be done. All they are looking for mainly is the money.
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    Prineville, Oregon
    This was started here in Oregon four or five years ago. Not as spendy but we have the option to take the test and be done with it. A lot cheaper that way. Check online and see if it will be available for you that way. You sit right at your puter and if you pass, you print out you print out a completion certificate, sign it and send it in with your fee. Was 20$ instead of 80$ for me that way. Jetskiiers and waterskiers are what led to it here.

    Jim Allen
  11. oldprowler

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    Mannford, Oklahoma
    If you will read some of the comments above you will see exactly why states are starting to require boating safety courses. Comments like "I know the rules and when to break them and when to not break them", "you don't have to take a safety course to get a drivers license" "I only observe no wake zones if there is someone there".

    What exactly is covered in your drivers license test? I will wager that more than half of the exam is oriented to SAFELY operating a motor vehicle.

    On the water there is never a time to break the rules. No wake zones may be posted for more than the obvious reason around ramps -- does erosion mean anything to you? A little knowledge combined with common sense goes a long way to creating a safe environment for all of us on the water.

    http://www.boat-ed.com/ has the complete boater safety course for (I believe) 36 states, it takes a few minutes of your time and may well save your life.
  12. peewee williams

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    I agree with oldprowler on why these laws are passed.I do think that they will be a complete waste on the people that know the law,BUT PICK and CHOOSE which laws to obey.Yes sir!Ain;t that a real good reason for doing something.Cause someone else is doing it.It just makes you the same kind of person.The kind that obeys the rules and laws that they choose,and disobey the rules and laws that they choose.If this is right,then we have our prisons full of people of people that did the right thing.After all,they only broke the laws of their choosing.After all,this is the USA.What is fair for one,is fair for all.This allso means that to be fair,ALL should have to take the course or none should have to take the course.This is clearly AGE discrimination.I am 60 years old and handicaped,which is bull manure for,old and crippled.I should be treated the same as you,when ever possable.You should be treated the same as me,when ever possable.I think fair,would be to,Allow everyone to take the course tests.If you pass them,get your little card.If you don;t,you take the course,untill you pass it.How can it be right,if it is not the same for all,whenever possable?I think it stinks.peewee-williams.
  13. Jesse168

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    Memphis, Tennessee
    Yall got this thing all wrong.

    This boating deal is an extention of the Hunting Safety Program that is in every State in the US and every Provence in Canada.

    Life and the training of the youth of our society is not what it once was. We have way too many people (mostly city people) that have little experiance in the outdoors. They decide they want to play Daniel Boone or be a River Rat. They go out and buy whatever equipment the salesman tells them they need. Whether they really need it or not and take on the whole outdoors. They put themselves and others in danger while trying to learn how to do it right.

    All of the Hunter Safety and Boating Courses are being pushed and guided under Federal regulations. All of the states are being required to start up these programs in order to "KEEP RECEIVING FEDERAL MONEY".

    Remember "DRIVER'S EDUCATION" before you were allowed to drive. It's the same idea...make sure you know the rules and have a good working knowlege of the activity before going out and putting yourself and other's lives in danger.

    We already have these programs in Tennessee and there is no cost for the courses. But the course that the Coast Guard teaches is expensive and a lot more advanced. It also gives you a larger reduction on your insurance premium when you pass the course and let your insurance company know about having taken the course.

    I have been teaching the Tennessee Wildlife Agency Hunter Safety Course since 1973 so I know what I am saying is true.
  14. peewee williams

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    I do not think that treating everyone the same is wrong.I have repeatedly shown hunters and fishermen how to load their guns and start their motors at the landings.I don't remember a one who wished to be shown how to unload the gun,or stop the motor,before geting into the boat and riding off into the sunrise.They all wished to look like a expert.That was the reason for asking a child these questions,while acting like they are showing it off to him.Just checking out his knowledge,cause they allready knew all the answers.Yea,right.Age had nothing to do with it.Why should they be cut out?When have they stoped allowing you to buy a gun or boat,if you didn;t know how to use it?I have known some "know it alls" that were 10 years old.They have not changed in 50 years.They still know it all,and do not need to learn.If you don;t believe me,ask one of them.I do not see fairness or logic in treating people differert,because there is one or more days difference in their ages.How does this make us "old timers" have the knowledge that the younger folk need?Fire arm safty is taught to every one in the service.Many in the service who are trained to handle boats and ships are also trained to navigate safely in ANY waters of the world.Yet,because of their age,they MUST take a course to hunt or operate a boat.Their instructor may well be a LEGAL Veitnam era draft dodger.Many are of the yacht and bass boat navy.Some body needs to use these instructers to train all of these service men.If they are a danger to the states,They have to be a danger to the world.The only reason that there isn;t as many of us old fools around,as there are young fools around,is becaused there are not as many of us left.peewee-williams
  15. Tee

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    I think it is a shame that NJ is so far behind. ALot of states have had those laws on the books for several years.
    I live in Mississippi and have my certificate and pocket card. No I didn't have to take the test, but what better example to set for my 6 year old than to do it voluntarily? Besides, I actually had to study for it, and learned a thing or two.


    (BTW I was born in 1956)
  16. Trenton Makes

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    From what I hear is, you will be able to take a test before the class if you thank you can pass.

    For me I don't care.I ALLREADY have my USCG Master Captains license.

    And I thank it's good that everone will be educated to the riles of the road.
  17. Mutt

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    I have to agree with old prowler too. seen some things there that make me think sure glad i am not boating on the same waters as someone who thinks they know when they can break the rule sand when they cant. rules are rule break them i hope you get caught. if you take the course here you get a reduction in your boat insurance. i myself see nothing wrong it that plus you will be amazed at how little you really know till you take that course. i dont care how long a person has owned and operated a boat that course even as a refresher is a good idea and may even save your own life.
  18. blkhawkdwn

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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    you wouldn't believe the number of people that have been operating a boat for 15 20 25 yrs that don't know the rules of the water. a lot will tell u to stay out of the way of the bigger boats, so-on and so-forth. I have to say that 100 bucks is kinda steep. but again its for a good cause.

    here is a fine example of why I'm glad i'm in the military: the boater safty course is Free and its 6 hours long. the test isn't that bad if you pay attention.
  19. FS Driver

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    othe price does seem high but the number of people that dont know
    the rules and proper operation and saftey while on the water in a boat will
    be reduced and this has to be a good thing.

    i feel like the other fella (sorry i forgot who with looking back through the thread)- that mentioned the drivers license thing.
    we all had to take a drivers course to operate a car .
    why not have a certificate to operate a boat.

    i have only owned a boat for 3 years now and i would like to take a class
    to learn all the different saftey markings on bouys and anything else i am not familiar with so i aint doing something stupid on the water and not be aware of it.

    nothing worse than being an oblivious dumbass:rolleyes:
  20. dademoss

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    Here is a link to the BoatUS course. It will give you lessons, and give you a test at the end, completion and passing the test will let you print out your certificate. It is a NASBLA approved course, and may get you a discount on insurance. I know it fulfils the Ohio boaters education requirment, not sure which other ones it will fulfill.