Nitestalker rod tip lite

Discussion in 'WILD WOLF TACKLE' started by Catfish Fever, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    Received my rod tip light a couple of days ago. I just want to let every one know that it's a great piece of equipment for night fishing. I fish with a 12 foot Eagleclaw Catclaw rod. My black light wouldn't quite reach out far enough to light up my line, causing me to miss some bites.
    I checked out the Maine-Wolf site and found just what I needed, the Nitestalker tip lite. I contacted Gene (AKwolf) to get a little better description of it and the lite color. Red and green are available, I chose the green which is very bright, can't see red very well at night. Anyone that's having trouble detecting bites at night would be happy with one of these, they're VERY lite and simple to attach, I just used some small wire ties. It's well worth the price.
  2. jdstraka

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    thanks for the report Jim I'll be picking mine up at the national. Can't wait J.D.Straka

  3. kccats

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    Ive been using them since they first came out.
    Got them on 3 rods.
    Bought extra batteries, have not needed them yet!
    My biggest channel last year as well as my biggest flatty came towards the bank with the bait instead of away... I would have not known I had a bite except for the lites.
    I think they are awesome.