Ninnescah River

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    Anyone fish this great little river? Last summer some buddies & I pulled some nice flatties out with bank lines over by Norwich. What about the big steel wing dikes right north of the Belle Plaine corner on 81 hyw. Some guys from Wellington have told me that they have had good luck in that part. They call it the nine mile corner. Another good spot is down stream right north of Oxford where the Ninnescah dumps into the Arkansas.
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    Wichita Kansas
    My wife went out with the dept of Wildlife and shocked the river around Kingman. They found some really nice channels and a couple of flats. I used to work for Rusty's South and many of our customers raved about the areas you are inquiring about. I have hunted Byron Walker for years and seem some really nice sized fish of all species in the Ninnescah. Large snappers too if you like to eat em. Best of luck

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    I used to fish the Ninnescah way back in the 30`s a few years before wwll when there was a brige across the river a mile or so north of where the Belle Plaine corner is now used to fish all the way from that bridge to where the Ninnescah dumpsinto the Arckansas river. Used to be some good catfishing back then. But most of the time I fished Slate creek, there used to be some great holes to fish in the creek from the dam in the park to where it dumps into the Arckansas river. Fellows you are bring back some good time memeries for this old man. Oh yes I was born on the banks of Slate Creek.