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  1. Esox Hunter

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    Birmingham U.K.
    Could anybody please give me some tips on how to draw out nightcrawlers overnight??

    Got a pike match tomorrow & I'm a bit desperate guys.

    All ideas welcome.

  2. GoFish_Tony

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    Big Rock, IL
    Water.. Water... WATER!
    Water as large an area as possible preferable in an area with lots of trees/shrubs. IMHO worms seem to like areas where there is decaying leaves and such and will hold a much greater amount of nightcrawlers then just a grassy area.

    Wait till well after dark and keep lights to a minimum. When I go worm hunting I carry a flashlight with batteries that are weak and almost dead. Also walk as slowly and quietly as you can.

    Once you spot a worm, do NOT shine the light directly on them. First thing you need to do is figure out which direction the worm is facing. You will want to grab at the end that is nearest to the hole in the ground. You will need a firm (but not TOO firm) hold on him. Apply a steady pull on him and you might feel him pull against you slightly. Don't pull him in half, rather, wait for him to relax his pull a little then pull him a bit harder. At that point he should come out of the hole easier.

    Good luck.



  3. catfishjohn

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    All great advice there. The only thing I can add is mix up water and dishwashing liquid in a 5 gallon bucket. Pour that soapy mix where you usually find crawlers and it'll make them come up!!! I haven't done it but have had plenty of people tell me it works very well!
  4. pk_powell

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    Get a long extention cord that is an old one and you don't use it much,strip the wires down to where they are bare.Wrap those wires around a metal object such as a screwdriver missing a handle,or years ago mine had had wooden handles on them and they had 2 foot long metal sticks. Drive him them into well watered ground and plug into electricity. In no time at all you will have nightcrawlers popping up,I garentee it. Electricity drives them to the surface. Good luck Brother--------Sister Pat:smile2:
  5. dewboy24us

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    if you plan on keeping the crawlers for any length of time, don't use the soap trick. the worm surface with the soap water because the soap clogs them up and they can't breathe.
    water the ground down where the grass is sparse and lay an old tarp or piece of plywood down over it. its what works for me.
    there is the whole shocker thing, but someone else may have better info on that one.
  6. jtrew

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    Easiest way is to go out on a golf course putting green or some other such place at night and get them off the top of the ground. Use red cellophane or transparent tape over your flashlight to get a red light, or better yet, use one of the new red LED lights.

    'Fiddle' the worms up. Never tried it. Two ways to do it. Drive a 2"x4" or a piece of 3"-4" diameter tree trunk well into the ground, leaving 18"-24" extending above ground. Take a piece of flat board or 2"x4" and move, or 'saw' it across the top in such a way that it produces vibrations. The second way is to use a piece of 2"x4" or other scrap and cut large notches in one edge. Use another piece of 2"x4" or large rod to rub up and down the notches to produce vibrations. Either method produces vibrations that are supposed to cause the worms to come out of the ground.

    Electrify the worms out of the ground. I've done this. It works, but for some strange reasons, the worms all died within a day or two. THIS IS DANGEROUS! I DON'T RECOMMEND DOING THIS! Find an electrical cord that's been cut off a broken appliance before throwing it away. (Everyone else saves those too, right?) At the cut end, pull the two wires apart for 36"-48", leaving the insulation on each wire intact--just separate them where they are joined together. Get two metal rods 24"-36" long; rebar works great. Attach one wire to one end of each rod. If possible, don't attach the wire right on the end of the rod. Use a heavy hammer to drive the rods into the ground 6'-7' (2 meters) apart. Plug the wire into an extension cord. If there are worms between the rods, they will come out of the ground. I've tried this with a 12v battery, and got no results. The only way it's ever worked for me was with house current. THAT'S WHY IT'S DANGEROUS!!!

    If the irritation of the electricity makes worms come out of the ground, any irritation should do the same, right? That seemed to be the reasoning behind the suggestion that I mix some chlorine bleach with water and pour it over the ground where I normally find worms. Tried it. Didn't work.

    If you have access to some marshy ground where trees drop their leaves every year, you may be able to go around the edges, poking in the leaves, and find some really nice worms, especially if the water's just a bit higher than normal. That's worked great for me on a number of occasions.