Night time flathead catfish

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Lil Grinder 20, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Lil Grinder 20

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    I plan on goin out to catch some shad for bait(about 7-10" in length).bank fishing how far out do u guys fish for flatheads. i know they roam shallow @ night but i want to know how to fish my shad also( live,dead,cutbait).
  2. catfishn72

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    It All Depends On What Kind Of Structure Is Around.

  3. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Flathead usually come shallow to pray on fish, But there are other variables: Depth, season, temp, time of day, wheather, structure, lake or river, ETC.

    Throw one far and one shallow. Gotta experiment to see what going on with the flatheads.

    Good Luck on the water.

  4. bigcatJoe

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    I would try live,dead and cut and throw them out close and far away and see whitch one is better.
  5. Pylodictis Olivaris

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    I agree with these guys...experiment. If it is night time I wouldn't worrry about how deep of water your are casting into, rather than what kind of water you are casting into. Make sure you are clear of any obstructions that will make it tough to bring a fish in. If you are close to cover and it is night time make sure you cast away from it enough to be able to fight a fish without out getting snagged up. I personally will fish in the area of cover and structure such as log jams during the night but i will usually cast away from them towards the shallow side of them. I like fishing shallow sand bars at night. The fish are usually in the area on the prowl and it makes it much easier to get them in the boat. (If it was day time I would cast right into the cover) As far as bait goes for flatheads at night I prefer live bullheads, bluegills, goldfish and creek chubs all of them seem to do pretty well....however there are tons of baits that will do the trick, these are more available in my area and they get the job done. I tend to use shad more for channels...thats just me. Experiment, take different baits and cast into different depths you will be suprised what you can learn.
  6. catfishscotty

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    well i agree with all the above use all of it live and cut. i would also have 1 or 2 poles with a big bobber and tape a glow stick to them so u can see them a night and fish with live bait on them cast out and leave ur spool open on a spinning reel or use the bait clicker on a casting reel and let the live bait swim where ever it wants to . its a fun way to fish i use ballons durring the day and dont take much to hold a 2 ounce sinker up dont make the ballons very big size of a tennis ball is plenty.