Night fishing?

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    I am coming down again on April 19th. I was wondering how the bite is for Blue cats and stripers then? Also how is night fishing during this time of the year? Any tips on night fishing on the James? Also is it too late for Hickory shad then?
    By the way there have been some great posts lately. I would like to thank you all for being so open, this is a great place to learn. If you want some great fishing in CT or MA. Feel free to contact me.

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    You can catch fish at night all year. I think the main reason people switch to night in the summer months is for two main reasons 1) escape the heat 2) escape the pleasure boaters. If you want to fish at night when you come down, you'll be just fine. I think April 19th, you'll be coming down at a good time for the striper bite based on what I've heard and the blues will still be eating too!

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    Shad are thick then. Go up to the Interstate 95 Bridge. Squeeze your boat in between the other boats and wear them out. According to my journal last year that whole week around the 19th was insane. I stick a rod with a sabiki rig on it in one of the rear rod holders. Every few minutes between reeling in cats and stripes on cut bait, I see my sabiki going wild. One time last year, I had 4 yes 4 american shad about 5 lbs apiece jump on the sabiki. By the time I got them in the boat two had straigtened the hooks and escaped but two came in the boat. Delightful, quick release to do the spawning thing. Best time for Stripers. Use whole herring caught on sabikis to target the big cows. Best fishing for stripes is low light, which means dawn or right at dusk to 1/2 hour after sunset. Come on down and spend some of those yankee dollars:smile2: