Night Fishing

Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by Bait Eater, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. Bait Eater

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    southwest missouri
    I have a 3 ft long green light that goes down in the water. How late in the season do you all night fish for crappie and when the water temp goes down, how deep do you set your lights? Also, in the summer when the water is hot, how deep do you set you lights?
  2. SkiMax

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    Rising Sun, IN
    I've set my floating on top, put it on bottom in 20 feet of water and everywhere inbetween. If you leave it in for a while, no matter what depth the crappie will come-IMO. I would try putting it about 5 feet down in 10 feet maybe. just be patient, it takes some time for the crappie to move in. But its a blast when they do!

    Also-that green light makes a great light to see by catfishing. It doesn't drain a battery and it doesn't attract nearly as many bugs-i use mine for catfishing as much as crappie!