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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by arync, Jul 21, 2006.

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    I live on a small pond that has a good number of bass, bluegill, and catfish. I fish during the day with plastic worms and can catch largemout bass most of the time. I always have a catfish liter with 2 hooks sitting in the water with a nightcrawler and some berkley power catfish bait (liver). I never catch catfish during the day. If I fish off a dock with nightcrawlers during the day the bluegill tear them up as soon as they hit the water. At night if I drop a nightcrawler in the same spot I was fishing during the day the only thing that eats them are the catfish. Why do the catfish only feed at night and how does a nightcrawler get past the bluegill at night if they are still in the water also?
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    The catfish will come in closer to the bank to feed on the bluegill. The bluegills will react and end up really close to the bank at night. So, when you are fishing at night, all those bluegill you get during the day, are going to be within a few feet of the bank. The catfish move in to pick them off.

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    In my opinion, when the cats are on the prowl at night the bluegill are hiding so they do not become lunch for mr Cat, that leaves the worms for mr. kitty then.
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    Yep as said before, the cats come out at night to prey on the smaller fish. So the bluegills go into hiding and wont chance a meal because they can be eaten. So what I do in situations like your (the pond on base is the same way) is catch the bluegill during the day, and use them as bait fish. I take the little tiny ones and use them whole, the bigger one I chunk up into sections. Then I use the cutbait, whole fish on one pole for the bigger cats, and use either liver or worms for the smaller cats on the other pole.
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    Catfish are sensative to light so they are probably in the deepest part of the pond during the day so you might want to try to cast there during the day or you could use some other kind of bait in the daytime that the bluegills wont tear up at much like liver or a chunk of a hotdog of something. also during the the summer catfish get aggressive in small ponds and will sometimes hit spinners and some kinds of crankbaits
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    For fun some evening toss slices of bread ou and watch what happens.

    The blue gills will go after the bread, and in awhile the action will slow, then watch the big fish eat the bread.