Night fishing on meramec river

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Tim70, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Tim70

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    Maplewood, Missouri
    Anybody know of any good spots to fish from the bank at night on the Meramec near St Louis. My wife is going out with her girlfriends and this deal usually goes on to the wee hours of the morning so I will be left unsupervised for a little while on Friday night. Not asking to give up your honey holes, but just a spot with easy access and parking. I was thinking the Meramec because it is close, I am near 44 and 270. Thanks for any suggestions
  2. dieselcat

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    Washington, Mis
    there is and access near you off of marshal rd in valley park by all the ball fields.don't know if you are famillar with it or not but it's got a parking lot,don't know bout fishing from bank there or not?it's pretty close to you so you could check it out durring the day sometime before you go.also there is a service rd just past the 141 bridge on the north side,accually it's almost directly behind shooters 141,never been down there but looks like you could fish there by the looks of it from the bridge.