Night Fishing at Irvine Lake

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    Be on the look out there are now islands that will jump out of nowhere and hit your boat when you least expect it. This was reported from a person who has fished the lake for over 12 weeks in a row.this past summer. Caution during trout season :confused2: LDJ
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    Thanks for the heads up..... I guess that there are no new Islands..... and there is no sand bars like in a river...LOL....

    Saw a lot of the lake when it was shallow back in the 80's....

    speed limits .....most folks from going more than the posted but I have seen other than the Ranger up on a plane.....

    Biggest prob is the lack of "take out" room when done fishing for the night

    Some folks don't turn on there "brain lights" there when the sun goes down.....:wink:

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    Oceanside Ca.
    the lake has been dropping by about a foot a week for the last month or so. A lot of structure is poking out near the shore now. Best bet is to move slow around the shore. I always bring a spot light with me to make sure i am not going to hit anything. It's also good to turn a light on when another boat in coming close to you. They might not see you at all until you turn a light on.