Night fishing at East Fork?

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  1. kitsinni

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    I have been wanting to check out East Fork lake for some shovelheads, and was wondering if you can fish there at night? Also is there descent bank fishing because I don't have a boat? Thanks for the info!
  2. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    I have fished East Fork alot but usually in a boat. The flathead fishing has slowed down there, atleast for me, I know their in there just have to find them. THere are many places to fish east fork from the bank. I have seen alot of fishermen on the campground beach on the St Rt 32 side. That area attracts alot of baitfish so fishing there should be descent, you may have to pay a fee to fish there, I know it is 3 dollars to launch a boat from that ramp. There is also fishing access near the public Ramp on the 32 side as well, and on the 125 side. It takes alot of scouting to really pick out your spot. If its flatheads your after try nettin you some shad, or live blue gill should do the trick. There are many places to bank fish and it would take me all night to list them all, when I bank fish there I usually use the 32 side. Just watch where you park, I am not 100% clear if they shut off some lots after dark, if you park near the ramps on eathier side you should be fine.

    You can use a slip float there with live bait if you want, thats how I have had my best luck. Before the spawn we fished near the banks, afterwards who knows. Good luck to you I hope you tear em up!