night crawlers how do you keep them for a long period of time?

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by wishiwasfishin, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. wishiwasfishin

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    now i have a yard full of them little buggers but i don't know how to keep them once i catch them. what in the world does a worm eat and where could i keep them?
  2. duxsrus

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    You can get a worm bedding box and soil/food at Wal Mart in the catfishing bait section. Not too expensive if I remember either. Good way to save you some money.

  3. fat_fish55

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    yep those work well
    just be sure to keep it cool or they die fast
    refrigerator or somewhere in a cool room
  4. Desperado

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    I agree. Go to walmart or local store and get some worm bedding. They eat it and it will start to change color then you change it. Takes a few weeks though. I just went out tonight with my lady and my son. We caught about 20-25 dozen worms. I need to get more bedding myself. I have the large worm farm made by magic bait. I keep it in the fridge. Good luck to you.
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    Nightcrawlers are a all around great bait for many different species of fish and they are easy to keep alive. The first thing is you don't want to leave them in the sun, they need to be kept in the shade and preferably where it is cool. I always keep them in the refrigarator. Now for what to feed them, all you need to do is throw any type of vegtable peeling or vegtable matter in the container that the crawlers are in, I usually use potato or carrot peelings, other things that crawlers will feed on is old coffee grounds or just plain newspaper shreddings. I have never had to buy crawlers from a bait shop and if you keep them in a cool and somewhat damp place you wont have to buy any anymore either. Another thing you can do to accually get crawlers which is much easier then digging them up, just go out at night when it is dark out with a flash light preferably where the ground is most and not all dried out and just slowly walk around looking for them coming out of the ground. Night crawlers get that name because they come out at night.

    I hope this info helps you out!

    Take Care!

    Sincerely, Kevin
  6. FS Driver

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    i have an old cooler abot 300 inches long 20 inches wide that i was thinking might make a good worm farm if i dug a hole and burried it in the back yard where the sun doesnt shine (NOT MY BEHIND) :rolleyes:
    has anyone here made one like this?
    i was going to get several dozen from the bait store to start it off
    then add some that i run across in the yard.
    i have read that if you sprinkle laundry detergent around an area and then
    soak it crawlers will come out of the ground. anyone hear of this?
    i would like some tips or tricks to get my own crawlers. thanks in advance for any and all advise.
  7. dwreel

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    Check out the Library on this site. Kitchen scraps with the exception of meat,fat bones. In general, veggie scraps work good. Not sure, but I think corn meal and chicken scratch work also. They even like newspaper. Feed them the political pages, they gobble that stuff up fast. REALLy. Your main concern will be temperture. They really like/want/need it cool.

    Wally World sells a small foam box to keep worms in. It's white and about 10"x6"x6" .The top and bottom are removable and held on by an elastic band. When you pick it up you turn it up side dowm and all the worms are right there at what used to be the bottom. Next time, turn it over again and there they are. I kept some for a month in the frig, no problem.

    If you want to raise them another concern is their castings/ poop. You'll have to remove them (castings)ever so often. I don't know how that part is done. Tweezers? Naw, I don't think so. A complete change of bedding is more than likely the answer. Actually, dirt is only a mediam that holds the nutrients they need plus keeps them cool, Fine shredded newspaper does a dual purpose here and it's cheep. Hope this helps. If you need any more help, just shout out.