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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by ayokay005, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. ayokay005

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    Ive been doin a lot of night fishin after work, and i find that the cats are hittin real late ( or early mornin like 1 am) ive been having most luck with traditional night crawlers i have used lil shrimp from my restaurant ( raw 41-50) but they worked once ive been thinking bout using minnows but im not sure if that will be successful! Please , if anyone can help the nocturnal bait hunt please do so
  2. whiteriverbigcats

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    Welcome to the BOC Adam... well here in Indiana they start biting around 9pm and start slowing down about 11:30pm and pick back up in a few hours.... But fall is drawing near and it should produse more fish activity... Ive been chasing them all over the deep and shallow ends of my local river and the only conclusion i have got is that you have to hit them at the right time....

  3. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    Good Evening Adam & Welcome To The B.O.C.. I've Had Good Success Lately Using The Shrimp. I Pop Off The Heads & Tails, Leave The Shell On & Thread Them Up On A Circle Hook.

    We've Been Doing This Both On Rod-N-Reels As Well As Juglines. I Throw Out The Remains Near Where I'm Fishing As Chum, Seems To Work:roll_eyes:
  4. laidbck111

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    The minnows will work. If shad are in your area shine a bright light like a spot light into the water get them gathered around you and then throw your cast net. Good luck. The shrimp will work too. Have you tried chicken livers plain are with garlic?
  5. loki1982

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    Some cheap baits that work for channels that I use occasion are: Hot dogs, tortilla(with and without additives).

    Hot dogs: I just use them striaght out of the package. I just buy the cheapest brand. These seem to work better in creeks and ponds than in lakes...or atleast for me.

    Tortilla : last year for a few weeks I was nailing decent sized channels on tortilla, then they just stopped. I tried 2 ways and both worked it seemed equally well. Just take a normal flour tortilla rip about 1/10 of it off in a long strip. Roll it up like you would a sleeping bag. Now hook it on a single hook. This will make it stay on when wet. The other way was with garlic. I got some garlic boiled it in water. Sprinkled a tiny(very very smlal amount) on the tortilla and let it dry. Use the same as above. Dont over wet the tortilla or it will become soggy and not work. I actually was using the tortilla for carp, and caught 1-2 carp on it as well, but ended with more catfish.
  6. coltsfan

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    welcome to the boc .ive been doing ok with chicken livers coated with garlic powder.also try some shad, cut or whole. the library also has some info about bait you might want to check it out
  7. catgetter1

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    Well Adam, been my experience that any thing will work as long as it's Shad.... cut or Whole....2 inchers are probably the best size I've used.. Get cha a throw net and enjoy the shear frustration of learning how ta use it . By the way welcome ta the BOC, Great place ta be iffen ya ain't on the river or lake.
  8. jlingle

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    Altus, Okl
    Welcome to the BOC Adam!!!! Kick your feet up & stay a while.

    I've been using shad all summer, almost exclusively. I'll agree with catgetter.... getcha a throw net and learn how to use it. It'll transform how you fish. When you can catch your own bait (which I think is a blast anyway) then your catch rate will go WAY up. There's just something about using fresh bait from the water that you're fishing. It works like a champ. I've been fishing it in about 4-10 feet in our local lake. I look for a shallow flat near some deeper holes & that's where I've been catching everything.

    Good luck to you, and once again..... welcome.
  9. ayokay005

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    Ive been fishin since i was 2 yrs old and this is what I do best besides coooking and fightin with the ol' lady . I plan to be on here permanently !
    Im so glad theres other fisherman out there that enjoy big- cats like myself
    take care n- god bless
  10. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Welcome Adam:big_smile: Here in Central California, the bite slowed some with the 110 heat. It is picking up now. I am a believer in Danny Kings punch bait. I always have a pole out with it. I also fish with fresh chicken livers and live or fresh cut shad. Minnow will work too. Try fishing before the sun goes down for some lil pan fish, suckers or mud cats. These make the best bait for the larger cats. Hope you nail em brother and again, welcome to the BOC.:smile2:
  11. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    Welcome aboard brother. We have been doing good on chicken hearts and gizzards at night. they stay on better than livers and are dirt cheap. I got my personal best blue this year on gizzard (23lb).
  12. Aquakeeper

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    So far the really only thing that are hitting are the live nightcrawlers....we tried those shrimp in a garlic mix and that didn't really work that great. We tried chicken liver and didn't even get a nibble off that either. I think we threw out some of that walmart stink bait out and that didn't do much either. I was thinking since they are loving the nightcrawlers so much maybe use some of them as a base to a good bait mixture of some sort.

    When using hotdogs.....I would think they could easilly be taken off by either the crabs or the small perch that are always hitting on the lines since hotdogs are usually pretty soggy and once u throw them in the water they can't last long. Would freezing them beforehand work on keeping the bait on the lines longer?

    Anyone have any good homemade bait ideas that would work for the area we are fishing in? Theres alot of smaller cats, white perch, and some carp as well but theres gotta be some monsters out there!
  13. primitive

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    Dav. Ia.
    I have had many trips saved useing shad guts ( buy frozen at bait stores) Ussually good sized cat have trouble resisting them and I have caught 3 nice cat on 1 bait. Circle hooks with the points uncovered so use a good sized hook. prim
  14. 1 cattin dude

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    Jonesboro, Arkansas
    I've had decent success with a mixture a buddy showed me. Hotdogs, soaked in that red catfish squirt bait from wal-mart, and garlic powder. Mix it all together and let it marinate for a week or so.
  15. Wil

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    Minden Nebraska
    well, i usually use chicken guts or livers but sometimes ill catch a few bluegill and use them. ive used nightcrawlers and have never had much luck with them. i find that the intestines of a chicken work real well same with the heart. i have used stinkbait before and had some luck but not much. shad are ok in my book but ill still take bluegill or chicken insides!

    p.s. welcome to the board brother!
  16. critter68

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    Alexandria, Virginia
    I use BIG gizzard shad. I usually cut the head off then cut about 2 more sections. If you get the smaller shad (6 inches or smaller), try to keep them alive (a hard task)or eels cut into 4 inch sections. Don't be afraid to put a big bait on the hook, you'd be surprised how big a piece of bait even a 5 pounder will try to take. I caught a 5 pound blue on a foot long piece of shad!!!
  17. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Well the bluegill and chubs are my favorite baits,but shrimp always put keepers in the freezer for those winter months
  18. bluesbrother

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    welcome.. i catch mostly channels on shrimp i do better peeling them.