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What part of Nickajack are you planning to fish? Nickajack runs from the Chickamauga dam down to Nickajack Dam. When I fished I fished behind the Nickajack dam which is actually Guntersville Lake which runs down to the Guntersville Dam. There is some really good fishing all up and down Nickajack.

If you plan to fish behind the dam at Chickamauga be very careful, that area is full of big rock just under the surface and will destroy the foot on your motor. But from the railroad bridge, all the way down to Nickajack dam is smooth sailing and great fishing. The Rivermont area is good for some big ones. There are deep crevasses in the bed there or on down a little where the old grain bens use to be, and a lot of big ones hang in them.

Butterflying a gill or chicken breast is a good way to catch many in that area, just gig straight up and down in the crevasses and chances are you will hang a big one. Fishing from Chattanooga Creek and downstream the fishing is good and the fish are big but they also have a warning on catfish from the creek on down to Nickajack dam.

Another great place to fish is above Chickamauga dam just out from Harrison Bay around the nuke towers, many big ones have been taken from that area. I really don't know of a bad place on the Tennessee River for big cats, just some are better than others.
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