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Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by uttatoo, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    when i came home from my fishing trip yesterday time was not on my side withh 100degree wheather out side
    so i got the fish one by one out of the cooler and proceded to clean fish and bag them up

    a long time friend came around the corner he is a older reverand that also likes to fish but is getting to the age he only fishes when its nice and is confined to fishing local ponds

    he said friend can i help you i said sure not a problem rev.clay and he said wow them fish is big i said not as big as the ones we turned loose

    any ways after doing this i gave him a 15lbr and told him god bless and he told me thank you friend
    thats what he calls me (friend )

    today out of the blue he come over said here you go friend a farmer just had to much after coming back from texas and he gave me 150lbs of sausage (Wild hog)

    he said you can have half boy i gave him a good firm shake and told him thank you

    you just never know what will happen when you are nice to someone what you get in return
  2. River Outlaw

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    Topeka, Kansas,
    "you just never know what will happen when you are nice to someone what you get in return"

    ya speak the truth on that my friend.

  3. Jeff Meyer

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    Mineral Point, Wisconsin
    I clicked on this one because I was sure you were writing about me!!:smile2:

    Seriously, that has been the golden rule--Do onto others as you'd like them done onto you.:roll_eyes:
  4. tiny b

    tiny b Active Member

    Yessir, those are words to live by.
  5. River_monster91

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    central kansas
    im going to have to meet him. ive heard alot about him gus.
  6. arkrivercatman

    arkrivercatman New Member

    Thats awesome Gus. Wish more people were like that. Wild Hog is some good eatin too.
  7. Katatonik

    Katatonik New Member

    Ogden, Kansas,
    With all the news about folks being inhuman to each other its nice to
    hear about the times we help and comfort one another. Thanks, Gus!
  8. OhioRiverCatfisher

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    West Virginia
    Gus, a friend like that is worth more than any silver or gold you could have. Sure am glad to hear your story and to know there are people like him and you walking this earth. Thanks for sharing it my brother...
  9. Kansas Tree Rat

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    Waverly, Kansas
    Like the saying goes. What comes around goes around. My old man always taught me to do a good turn for anyone anytime anywhere and said when I was down on my luck it would come back to me. I have seen him drive a complete stranger 20 miles one way to town and back when they ran out of gas and change a flat for a lady in pouring down rain. He was always going out of his way to help someone. The old man has been gone 25 years and I still miss him every day. I am proud to be part of a group that still holds these kinds of values.
  10. THRowSOmeStink

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    sedgwick, kansas
    It is hard to find people like that around anymore. To many people only out for themselves and it sucks that it is that way. I have heard about him through my in-laws that live i great bend. If i am ever up that way i would like to look you up Gus i need a new tattoo.
  11. Boomer

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    There are still people like that in the world. My mother in law just moved down to Oklahoma from Kansas, and she had a U-haul. My daughter in law, my neice and my wife were going to unload it, and her new neighbors teenage sons, came down and all but unloaded the truck for them, without asking. Makes you feel good to be who you are when people go out of their way to help.
  12. just a redneck

    just a redneck New Member

    there are actually lots of good people out there i think. strange but true i moved to vegas when i was 17 for a short while to make a long story short i got lost ,someone who i thought was going to rob me helped me back to the main strip, then asked some hookers for a ride home [didnt really know at the time] they declined but gave me bus fare to get home, and finally stoped by a gas station to get directions to the bus stop and they gave me a free dinner. strangest day of my life but it goes to show most poeple will do the right thing given the chance.