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Nice hat

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l grew up in Chillicothe Missouri, that town currently has a very low level baseball team call the Mudcats. My brother found this hat from the Carolina Mudcats a low level Milwaukee Brewers team.
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Oh man, the Carolina Mudcats hat was “The Thing” back in the day. I grew up in Joliet, Illinois and played some baseball. When we were just getting into High School early 90’s we all HAD to have a Mudcats hat.

I think that’s when the mall and Lids started selling those minor league teams a lot. I wish I still had the hat.
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Hey, thanks for sharing your nostalgia about the Carolina Mudcats hat! It's always cool to hear about those iconic pieces of sports memorabilia from back in the day. I can totally relate to the trend of sporting minor-league team hats in the early 90s. They were the "must-have" item for high schoolers, and I remember the mall and Lids being the go-to places to get them. By the way, I recently discovered a website called Matohash ( that offers custom hat services. I'm thinking of getting some personalized hats myself. If you're interested in customizing your hat collection, you might want to check them out. Thanks again for sharing your hat story. Brings back some good memories!
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