Nice flathead at Turtle Creek

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    Hey guys...meant to tell you that the last Monday that I was carp fishing out at Turtle Creek (Feb.13th), the security officer pulled up to talk to me. I think he was really bored as I was the only one fishing that day and he stayed forever. He said they pulled a dead 50 lb flathead out of the lake up by the security office (boat ramp...south end of lake). I didnt know that there were monster flatheads in there, but when I go back out there this Monday, I will have a live bluegill on the end of one of my poles...that is for sure. I think I may throw some cut bait on too for blues....if anyone if up for fishing, come on out.
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    Irvington, Ky
    Scott, I have never fished Turtle Creek before and I'm not sure where it is at. Can you give me some info on it?

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    Turtle Creek is located off of Hwy 41 near Sullivan Indiana. Here is some more info:
    Turtle Creek users must hold a valid fishing
    license and follow all posted regulations, as well
    as State and Federal fish and wildlife laws.
    • Trotlines, limblines, nets and jugs are prohibited.
    • No swimming, camping, water skiing, fires, ice fishing
    or pleasure boating.
    • Shoreline fishing is permitted only in designated
    areas (see map). Portions of these areas may be
    closed during waterfowl hunting season and periodic
    water testing.
    • A 20-inch minimum size limit is in effect for
    largemouth bass, with a daily limit of one.
    • Boat ramps and parking are available on a firstcome
    • Boat launching is permitted only at boat ramps.
    • Motor size is limited to 10 horsepower or less;
    larger motors may be left on the boat, but must be
    tilted out of the water.
    The 1,550-acre Turtle Creek Resevoir was
    created in 1980 to provide cooling water for
    Hoosier Energy’s Merom Generating Station and
    was opened to the public for fishing in 1982. Since
    that time, Turtle Creek has matured into a popular
    regional fishing and waterfowl hunting
    recreation spot.
    For more information contact:

    Turtle Creek Reservoir
    PO Box 7
    Sullivan, IN 47882
    Phone: 812-356-4744

    This all from the Hoosier Energy Website.